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2019 Travel Recap

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


Dates: January 4-21

Summary: This was a trip for school, so it was just me, and not Chase. We were learning about evolutionary biology, so we visited a few places significant to Darwin, and spent the rest of the time in places filled with diverse flora and fauna!

Highlights: Soooo many on this one... scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, the Penguin Parade on Philip Island, Lava Tubes, Graffiti in Melbourne, the Daintree Rainforest, the Australia Zoo (I could keep going!!)

New York

Dates: February 1-3

Summary: Chase was working for a consulting company so he was on the east coast for the week for work. He took a train to NYC and I flew over to meet him for a quick weekend running around the city!

Highlights: Running in Central Park, the MET, Hale and Hearty Soup

Paris, Jordan, Istanbul

Dates: March 21-April 2

Summary: This was the big one! Chase had me pack a bag without knowing where we were going, and I found out each place we were going as we got on the plane! We started in Paris, went all over Jordan, and finished it off with a few days in Istanbul before heading back home.

Highlights: Getting engaged!! Spending the night in the Wadi Rum Desert, scuba diving in the Red Sea, the Grand Bazaar, trying snails, the Moulin Rouge, Petra, running into friends in the Paris airport!

France, London, Monaco

Dates: August 7-17

Summary: After falling in love with Paris in the spring, we were searching for a reason to go back, so we ended the summer with a trip to a few different places in France. We added in a day trip to London to visit my cousins, and another to explore Monaco. This trip was fun because we got to travel by plane, train, car, and bicycle!

Highlights: Visiting our family friends in Dijon, tea at Kensington Palace with my cousins, pebble beaches in Nice, picnic in the park in Paris

Disney World

Dates: October 11-15

Summary: Turns out going as a couple and without kids is totally the way to do Disney! We spent 4 days running around all 4 parks and absorbing as much Disney magic as we could. We also visited Disney Springs to enjoy the live music and performances.

Highlights: Drinking around the world at Epcot, Pandora Flight of Passage ride, lunch at Tony's Town Square Restaurant, poutine in Canada

Las Vegas

Dates: October 18-22

Summary: This was another work trip for Chase, but the first day and all of the evenings he was free so we could explore together. During the day while he was at his training, I walked around a little by myself, and spent some time enjoying the sun at the pool!

Highlights: Listening to gondoliers at the Venetian, dinner at The Still, exploring Fremont Street

Lexington & Tennessee

Dates: November 26-29

Summary: Every year we head down to Tennessee to spend time with Chase's family. We like to head down a day early, stop in Lexington, and spend a day hanging out there before going the rest of the way down. While we are in the mountains we usually take some time to do a Thanksgiving hike and enjoy the amazing views of sunsets.

Highlights: Ice skating in Triangle Park, lunch at Pies and Pints, late night Insomnia Cookie snack


Dates: December 7

Summary: This was just a quick, one-day trip up to Chicago with my parents to enjoy the city at Christmastime. We visited museums, had some classic Chicago deep-dish pizza, and enjoyed the lights and Christmas activities of the city.

Highlights: The Field Museum, Giordano's pizza, and the Christkindlmarket

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